Thursday, September 1, 2011

3 weeks.

Look at me crack a smile...!:0)

Can hardly believe my lil peanut is already 3 weeks old!!  Her actual due date was TODAY but she blessed us with her presence three weeks ago :0) 

I took her on a little stroll through downtown this morning and ran into her third-shift nurse from the hospital eating breakfast outside the 'Twisted Olive Cafe' with her two exciting!! 

Yesterday, she weighed in at 5 pds 14 oz...almost to the 6 pd marker!! Lately I have been noticing she has been rejecting my milk and I have been frequenting the bathroom with a few upset stomachs regarding drinking MORE 2 % milk.  Going to be switching over to soy and see if that brings any relief to our digestive problems.  Will keep you updated.

MOM...I wish your milk would not upset my tummy so much...comfort me, PLEASE!!

Its official!!  It did not take me long to lose the excess baby weight.  I am now wearing ALL my pre-preggo everything!!  Its like having a whole new wardrobe since it has not been touched in nine months...lovin it especially since I DO NOT have the finances to purchase new clothing :0)

I am literally obsessed with dressing my baby girl in headbands and leg warmers!!  Going to knit her a pair of wooly leg warmers for this quickly approaching fall season.  Anyone know of any etsy/online stores I am able to purchase cutesy accessories at a reasonable cost??  LEAVE ME A COMMENT.

Off to Bill's Farm Market to purchase some needed fresh produce and Meijers to pick up some more Tassimo 'coffee discs' and paper towels.  Throughly enjoying the sunshine and my lil sidekick...the little blessings in life are what really matters :0) 

Love you Peanut.

Your mamma.