Friday, November 18, 2011

im back.O=


Sowwy for the lack of posts around this neck of the woods.  Life has been crazy busy with work/parenthood.  My mother had yet another knee replacement surgery towards the end of October so I have been running the yarn shop by myself these last weeks with my mom helping out as much as possible despite her painful recovery.  We have both been working throughout this week transitioning the storefront from fall decor into the festive Christmas season :0)  I adore this time of year and it puts everyone in such a joyful mood.  Its kind of contagious and I am looking forward to the coming weeks as the streets of downtown Petoskey fill with holiday festivities and shopping.  Support your local stores this holiday season...we surely appreciate your business!!

Other news...I can hardly believe my baby girl is already 3 1/2 months old!!  She is sleeping on her boppy pillow right next to me as I type this post and as I glance over to her every few minutes I cannot help but form a smile across my lips.  Her days are filled with much love and attention from myself others <3  Her cheeks and forehead are smothered with numerous kisses each and everyday.  Her grasp is so strong around my pointer finger as she drinks her 'baba' in my arms.  I cannot possibly get enough of her BIG gummy smiles while she watches her reflection in the mirror :0)  I marvel at her outlook on life...if she is being held it is a must that she be facing outward so she can take in ALL her surroundings.  Rattles and stuffed animals do nothing for entertainment BUT turn on a ceiling fan and watch her gaze at it in curiosity.  I find much comfort in the fact that she is mine forever and ever!  I am so blessed to be the mother to Miss Bella Annelyse.

Lastly, this 'Kaide' long cardigan designed by Norah Gaughan is currently on my needles.  I almost have the back 100% completed and then will proceed onto the right/left fronts.  I am not quite sure what I fell in love more with...the cabled/textured pattern or the three leather buckles by Jul :0)  All I know is that it is a beauty and has been on my knitting wish list for quite sometime.

All is good in this lil family of ours.  Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

<3  Jamie Leigh.