Saturday, October 15, 2011

cozy weekend inside.

Our 'Indian' summer has finally come to an end and the start of a very wet, windy and cold fall has set in  Friday morning.

This weekend Miss Bella and I are planning on catching up on some much needed rest because she is battling her first and hopefully last yeast infection...POOR BABY :0(  I now have her on some medicated ointment and also sprinkling her tiny bum with 100% corn starch to dry out the wetness and already I am seeing some positive results!!  She was ALL smiles this morning when she awoke and this was a cannot imagine how happy that made this mama :0) :0) :0)  Our most common awakenings happened with a ear-piercing cry for such an early hour prolly from the discomfort of an itchy and slight burning sensation from the yeast.  Happy to almost be on the other side of this infection and now I am well aware of the signs of yeast and if it ever occurs again I will be on top of it quickly...thanks to grannie and her medical inquisition of Bella's symptoms.

Now off to spend the afternoon drinking hot tea, knitting, researching health plans, and of course napping!

What is everyone else doing this weekend??

Jamie Leigh.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

almost 2 months old.

These eyes will KILL you with cuteness!!

WOW!!!  Where has the time gone!?  Sowwy for my absence it has been quite the chaotic adjustment since being back at work.  I was happy/sad to see my 6-week maternity leave come to an end.  I was anxious to get back at what I know and do BEST and at the same time nervous to loosen my hold and allow another to watch over the care of my daughter for eight hours each day.  Now that a few weeks have passed and I am settling upon somewhat of a routine I hope to get back to regular postings :0)

 I know some acquaintances of mine have disapproved of my decision to put my newborn of not quite two months into daycare.  I have to say my decision was the correct one to make for my family.  Being a single mother I DO NOT have the luxuries of being a stay-at-home mom and quite frankly if I had the choice to work outside the home or to be a stay-at-home mom, ULTIMATELY, I would choose to work.  I have learned that I truly enjoy being a working mother.    The place my daughter attends daycare I know and trust 100% to take care of the needs of my baby.  They are thrilled to see her each and every morning when I drop her off and the majority of the time she is very content when I arrive to pick her up after my workday.  My daughter is thriving off the social aspects of childcare :0)  At home, 99% of the time it is just her and I and her interactions with the outside world are lacking.  I strongly desire for her to grow into being a well-nurtured, caring and respectful individual and she will be able to do this by learning what it is like to live in a community!!  My decision to put my daughter into daycare at such a young age does not make me any less of a mother.  I treasure the time I do have with her each evening and every weekend :0)  People need not to be so quick to judge and understand that parents choose the best possible choices for their families and just because that does not line up with what their family chooses as right does not mean others choices are necessarily wrong!!  Nuff said.

On another note, knitting has taken on full force!!  Currently on my needles is a simple, yet interesting lace scarf being knit out of Silk Garden Light, by Noro.  I hope to have it completed by early next week and will post a few pictures after the ends have been woven in and the fringe has been added :0)

Lastly, my daughter is such a lil peanut ;0)  Just a few short days before being two months old and still wearing newborn diapers/outfits.  They have just begun to fit her perfectly and she will prolly outgrow them in the next few weeks.  This change of sizes from newborn to 0-3 months brings with it mixed emotions.  I know I will NEVER get to see her in those outfits again!!  (just pictures and memories will remain) BUT, a new set of outfits to dress my cutie pie in await...;0)  

Everyday she is becoming more aware of her surroundings and is full of smiles and occasional coo's.  My love continues to grow for her each day and I am trying my best to live in the moment and not rush her onto the next developmental stage and to just let her become and grow on her time, not societies!
Hey everyone, CHECK OUT the baby rolls!

I love you Bella Annelyse <3

your mommy.