Monday, December 5, 2011

staying strong.

Today my daughter had her 4th month appointment and weighed in at a whopping 12 pds 1 oz and 25 inches long :0)  She is doing so well that the doctor even gave me clearance to begin her on solids :0)  Organic brown rice here we come with the camcorder in hand!!

The Christmas decorations have been hung in our lil home and the presents are awaiting to be wrapped.   Meanwhile, Christmas tunes fill the rooms and twinkle lights capture Bella's sight!!  This is Miss Bella's VERY 1st Christmas and I want to begin a few traditions for this family of ours...her and I <3

I will treasure this season now MORE then ever before!!  I want to capture the simple joys of giving and receiving this holiday :0)  BIG thanks to family and friends loving on this lil peanut of mine.  Much to be thankful for these days!!

We are all going to be keeping the elves busy these next few weeks in preparation of Santas BIG arrival to our nook in downtown Petoskey.  Santa is going to be spoiling someone special this year...I know this for sure ;0)

Much Love,

Jamie Leigh.

Friday, November 18, 2011

im back.O=


Sowwy for the lack of posts around this neck of the woods.  Life has been crazy busy with work/parenthood.  My mother had yet another knee replacement surgery towards the end of October so I have been running the yarn shop by myself these last weeks with my mom helping out as much as possible despite her painful recovery.  We have both been working throughout this week transitioning the storefront from fall decor into the festive Christmas season :0)  I adore this time of year and it puts everyone in such a joyful mood.  Its kind of contagious and I am looking forward to the coming weeks as the streets of downtown Petoskey fill with holiday festivities and shopping.  Support your local stores this holiday season...we surely appreciate your business!!

Other news...I can hardly believe my baby girl is already 3 1/2 months old!!  She is sleeping on her boppy pillow right next to me as I type this post and as I glance over to her every few minutes I cannot help but form a smile across my lips.  Her days are filled with much love and attention from myself others <3  Her cheeks and forehead are smothered with numerous kisses each and everyday.  Her grasp is so strong around my pointer finger as she drinks her 'baba' in my arms.  I cannot possibly get enough of her BIG gummy smiles while she watches her reflection in the mirror :0)  I marvel at her outlook on life...if she is being held it is a must that she be facing outward so she can take in ALL her surroundings.  Rattles and stuffed animals do nothing for entertainment BUT turn on a ceiling fan and watch her gaze at it in curiosity.  I find much comfort in the fact that she is mine forever and ever!  I am so blessed to be the mother to Miss Bella Annelyse.

Lastly, this 'Kaide' long cardigan designed by Norah Gaughan is currently on my needles.  I almost have the back 100% completed and then will proceed onto the right/left fronts.  I am not quite sure what I fell in love more with...the cabled/textured pattern or the three leather buckles by Jul :0)  All I know is that it is a beauty and has been on my knitting wish list for quite sometime.

All is good in this lil family of ours.  Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

<3  Jamie Leigh.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

cozy weekend inside.

Our 'Indian' summer has finally come to an end and the start of a very wet, windy and cold fall has set in  Friday morning.

This weekend Miss Bella and I are planning on catching up on some much needed rest because she is battling her first and hopefully last yeast infection...POOR BABY :0(  I now have her on some medicated ointment and also sprinkling her tiny bum with 100% corn starch to dry out the wetness and already I am seeing some positive results!!  She was ALL smiles this morning when she awoke and this was a cannot imagine how happy that made this mama :0) :0) :0)  Our most common awakenings happened with a ear-piercing cry for such an early hour prolly from the discomfort of an itchy and slight burning sensation from the yeast.  Happy to almost be on the other side of this infection and now I am well aware of the signs of yeast and if it ever occurs again I will be on top of it quickly...thanks to grannie and her medical inquisition of Bella's symptoms.

Now off to spend the afternoon drinking hot tea, knitting, researching health plans, and of course napping!

What is everyone else doing this weekend??

Jamie Leigh.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

almost 2 months old.

These eyes will KILL you with cuteness!!

WOW!!!  Where has the time gone!?  Sowwy for my absence it has been quite the chaotic adjustment since being back at work.  I was happy/sad to see my 6-week maternity leave come to an end.  I was anxious to get back at what I know and do BEST and at the same time nervous to loosen my hold and allow another to watch over the care of my daughter for eight hours each day.  Now that a few weeks have passed and I am settling upon somewhat of a routine I hope to get back to regular postings :0)

 I know some acquaintances of mine have disapproved of my decision to put my newborn of not quite two months into daycare.  I have to say my decision was the correct one to make for my family.  Being a single mother I DO NOT have the luxuries of being a stay-at-home mom and quite frankly if I had the choice to work outside the home or to be a stay-at-home mom, ULTIMATELY, I would choose to work.  I have learned that I truly enjoy being a working mother.    The place my daughter attends daycare I know and trust 100% to take care of the needs of my baby.  They are thrilled to see her each and every morning when I drop her off and the majority of the time she is very content when I arrive to pick her up after my workday.  My daughter is thriving off the social aspects of childcare :0)  At home, 99% of the time it is just her and I and her interactions with the outside world are lacking.  I strongly desire for her to grow into being a well-nurtured, caring and respectful individual and she will be able to do this by learning what it is like to live in a community!!  My decision to put my daughter into daycare at such a young age does not make me any less of a mother.  I treasure the time I do have with her each evening and every weekend :0)  People need not to be so quick to judge and understand that parents choose the best possible choices for their families and just because that does not line up with what their family chooses as right does not mean others choices are necessarily wrong!!  Nuff said.

On another note, knitting has taken on full force!!  Currently on my needles is a simple, yet interesting lace scarf being knit out of Silk Garden Light, by Noro.  I hope to have it completed by early next week and will post a few pictures after the ends have been woven in and the fringe has been added :0)

Lastly, my daughter is such a lil peanut ;0)  Just a few short days before being two months old and still wearing newborn diapers/outfits.  They have just begun to fit her perfectly and she will prolly outgrow them in the next few weeks.  This change of sizes from newborn to 0-3 months brings with it mixed emotions.  I know I will NEVER get to see her in those outfits again!!  (just pictures and memories will remain) BUT, a new set of outfits to dress my cutie pie in await...;0)  

Everyday she is becoming more aware of her surroundings and is full of smiles and occasional coo's.  My love continues to grow for her each day and I am trying my best to live in the moment and not rush her onto the next developmental stage and to just let her become and grow on her time, not societies!
Hey everyone, CHECK OUT the baby rolls!

I love you Bella Annelyse <3

your mommy. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

3 weeks.

Look at me crack a smile...!:0)

Can hardly believe my lil peanut is already 3 weeks old!!  Her actual due date was TODAY but she blessed us with her presence three weeks ago :0) 

I took her on a little stroll through downtown this morning and ran into her third-shift nurse from the hospital eating breakfast outside the 'Twisted Olive Cafe' with her two exciting!! 

Yesterday, she weighed in at 5 pds 14 oz...almost to the 6 pd marker!! Lately I have been noticing she has been rejecting my milk and I have been frequenting the bathroom with a few upset stomachs regarding drinking MORE 2 % milk.  Going to be switching over to soy and see if that brings any relief to our digestive problems.  Will keep you updated.

MOM...I wish your milk would not upset my tummy so much...comfort me, PLEASE!!

Its official!!  It did not take me long to lose the excess baby weight.  I am now wearing ALL my pre-preggo everything!!  Its like having a whole new wardrobe since it has not been touched in nine months...lovin it especially since I DO NOT have the finances to purchase new clothing :0)

I am literally obsessed with dressing my baby girl in headbands and leg warmers!!  Going to knit her a pair of wooly leg warmers for this quickly approaching fall season.  Anyone know of any etsy/online stores I am able to purchase cutesy accessories at a reasonable cost??  LEAVE ME A COMMENT.

Off to Bill's Farm Market to purchase some needed fresh produce and Meijers to pick up some more Tassimo 'coffee discs' and paper towels.  Throughly enjoying the sunshine and my lil sidekick...the little blessings in life are what really matters :0) 

Love you Peanut.

Your mamma.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

10 things I have learned bout motherhood.

So here ya go:

(1.)  NEVER trust a baby's bowels and ALWAYS try to have a diaper on their bum at all times!!
(2.)  Your nipples are not prepared to take the trauma of latching on incorrectly the first few days of breastfeeding!
(3.)  Baby garments are a heck of a lot faster to knit up THEN accessories or adult garments :0)
(4.)  I had to make it a daily priority in my schedule to start pumping and storing milk supply for when I go back to work in a few weeks.
(5.)  That my greatest bonding time would be our breastfeeding sessions.
(6.)  Baby wearing allows me to get things done around the home and our companion on downtown walks.
(7.)  Dancing on every inch of this apartments floor occurs in the morning, afternoon, and nighttime...I am getting in the best shape of my life!
(8.)  She prefers me to sing to her over anyone else or the radio...and that is surprising because I cannot carry a tune if my life depended on it :0)
(9.)  To listen to the advice of your mother because she has been down this road before.  Thanks Mommasita <3
(10.)  How much I cannot wait to see that very 1st smile from my Bella Annelyse :0)

Happy Sunday!

P.S.  She likes to show off her precious hand knits!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

life of a single mother.

As I watch my daughter breastfeed and fill her tummy with my nutritious milk at this early hour I cannot help BUT ponder the beginning days of my life as a single mother.  Since giving birth to Bella Annelyse I have taken motherhood on FULL FORCE!!  Some days are trying when my energy levels are low and she is fussy and nothing seems to calm her.  Nights can become lonely and I can let my thoughts get the best of me.  These down times instantly disappear when I watch her sleep in peace and know that she is safe in my arms, safe at my breast, and safe in her home. <3 

Never did I think I would be raising a daughter ALONE, it is a 24-7 job and hard work BUT I do it for her.  She deserves the very best.  I stay strong for her.  I do ungodly amounts of laundry for her.  I go days without a shower for her.  Instead of resting when she is napping I am busy cleaning, cooking, or doing necessary paperwork for her.  I wake up countless times each night to make sure she is content and I put ALL my love and energy into creating a BEAUTIFUL life for my baby girl!!

She has a few visitors coming to see her this week :0)  Sue and Kelsey Maxwell and Laurie Rowe <3  Thanks for wanting to love on my baby girl and giving me a lovely well-needed break!! 

My eyes are growing heavy and she is finally fast asleep.  Going to catch a few zzz's before I am up again for another nightly feeding.  Have a goodnight.  Sweet Dreams.  I love you lil Peanut.

Jamie Leigh. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

the NEVERENDING project.

Good Evening Folks!!

TODAY has been a blessed day with getting things crossed off my TO-DO list!!  Having an demanding infant these days can make it difficult to fit a 5 minute shower into her schedule.  Very much looking forward to the day I have a consistent schedule with Bella so I will be able to plan my days accordingly :0)

On a whole different note...I am continually knitting on this infinity cowl and daily discovering its NEVER ENDING qualities!!  This has been in progress for a year now...and ONLY a lil over half-way completed :0/  I am losing heart.  I know the finished product will be absolutely stunning BUT the journey there is so dang tedious.  I need to persevere and work diligently to finish this up while I am on maternity leave...good thing I have a good eater because when I am breastfeeding her is the only time in my day I get to knit!

Off for a walk now to Family Video.  Movie night for Miss Bella and I :0) 

Jamie Leigh.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 weeks.

My girl is already 2 weeks old TODAY!!!  Time slowwwww down, pretty please.  Yesterday she lost the majority of her cord when it stuck to her onesie...GROSS!  She still has some scabbing remnants that hopefully will disappear in the next few days so I will finally have a cute button to look at :0)

Cannot wait till my Bella Bee can wear her newborn outfits and not have them swimming on her!!  She is on the verge of still fitting preemie and not quite newborn...BUT continues to eat like a champ :0)  So proud of her.  I love you.

Your Momma.

Monday, August 22, 2011

a knitted vest.

My morning started off with this much accomplished...

by mid-afternoon...VOILA...a finished vest for my Baby Bella <3  Well EXCEPT for adding 2 buttons  and it still needs to be blocked BUT oh how fast baby garments knit up!!  Finally figured out how to knit and breastfeed simultaneously and it is truly making that bonding time even MORE special :0)

It will be used as a store sample till my lil peanut can actually wear it!!  So come stop by Cynthias Too! Yarn and Gifts in Petoskey, MI and take a look at the masterpiece OR better yet grab some supplies and knit one up yourself for a special lil someone!! 


Pattern:  FREE from Pickles for size 1 ONLY  BUT may be purchased separately for $6 which includes instructions for ALL other sizes
Yarn: Taiyo by Noro Yarns
Quantity:  One skein needed for size 1
Needle:  US 9

P.S.  I will be whipping up a knitted hat to go along with this vest with my leftover yarn from this project :0)
P.S.S.  What to knit next for my darling??  Any suggestions from the knitterly folk out there in blogger world and beyond.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I have been reading blogs for quite sometime now and thought it was bout time to hop on the bandwagon!!  I recently gave birth to my BEAUTIFUL baby girl, Bella Annelyse, on August 9, 2011 and wanted to document this journey we call "life."  So what a better way to start off this blog then with her birth story!!  Enjoy reading.


I was in the laundry room folding baby-to-be's bath towels and washcloths when all of a sudden I had a gushing down my leg and it was uncontrollable to stop.  My first thought was "oh GREAT" now I can no longer hold my urine!!  I stopped folding and waddled my wet self back into my apartment and straight to the toilet while I continued to leak.  Having completely soaked through many pairs of underwear, pajama shorts, and pads I slowly came around to the realization that what had just occured was my water breaking!!  At that VERY moment my adrenaline had set in and the realization of what was about to come was quite a bit overwhelming on this soon-to-be single mother.

After I thought I got the leaking under control I grabbed my cell phone and dialed the hospital to let them know my water had broken and the doctor on-call was performing a c-section at the time so everyone was busy and the operator just told me to come in and they would check me out.  At this time I was still not noticing any contractions MAYBE just some slight tightening of my uterus.  I was nervous and scared for the health of my baby because I still had three weeks left till my due date and my sister-in-law should be the one in labor, NOT MYSELF!

I had things set out for baby and myself BUT nothing was packed and ready to go.  So I grabbed my packing list from my planner and got busy packing multiple bags for the hospital...never a bad thing to be overly prepared, right?  :0) During this time we were having a treacherous downpour and I had to still take my Moka Jo out potty because I did not know what time my mother would be back to my apartment to get him and I also wanted to take out the trash and finish folding the laundry from the dryer.  My nesting was in full force and I wanted to make sure my home was in good shape to bring a baby home.


Out of nowhere my contractions set-in full force and I knew I needed to finally head to the hospital.  I gathered my bags and trash and set it all in the hallway already knowing that Moka Jo would be upset that once again I am leaving him home alone.  At this time my contractions were around five minutes apart so my first trip down the back stairs I took the trash out and made it back upstairs in time to wade through another contraction before I started bringing my overnight bags to the car.  Once settled into the car I took deep breaths trying to remain calm and focused and made the short drive to the emergency room parking lot making a short pit stop to the gas station to fuel up because my tank was nearing empty.

10:30 PM

Once I was admitted I opted to walk to my birthing room because my contractions were still manageable.  Upon entering the room I was instructed to change into the not so flattering open-back gown, enormous disposable underpants, and life size pads that still put a smile on my face just thinking about it!!

Once I was laying on the birthing bed the nurse started hooking up the monitors to check both of our heart rates and such, [from here on things started moving very rapidly and my memory is a bit fuzzy so bear with me because you will soon understand the complications that came with my delivery of Baby Bella Annelyse] with the blink of an eye I went from one nurse in the room to what seemed like ten!!  They briefly mentioned to me that the baby's heart rate was extremely low when I was contracting and they wanted me on my left side to try and bring it back up as quickly as possible.  When that was no longer working they had me roll over on my forearms and knees with my head rested on the pillow and that seemed to be a bit better but not what they wanted and I could tell in the nurses voice!!  With all of the chaos going on in the room with questions and instructions being thrown at me in what seemed like all directions while being a tangled wrapped up mess in tubing from having to switch positions often plus having a oxygen mask on that was being covered by my tears I let my emotions get the best of me.  I was ALL alone and could not get ahold of my mother and mostly I was worried about the safety of my baby and this is definitely not how I anticipated my birthing experience to go I might have as well thrown my natural birthing plan out the window at this point!! 

The nurse did a vaginal examination to see if she could feel the baby's cord but because Bella was so low in my pelvis she could not get her fingers up far enough around her head BUT I did find out I was alread 4 cm dilated :0) The nurse mentioned to me they were waiting for Dr. Sypniewski to arrive and see if he could get a better feel of the cord.  He arrived and his examination was extremely painful and unsuccessful and then I heard the dreaded news...he wanted to perform an EMERGENCY C-SECTION!!  The news through me in panic mode and I mentioned that I wanted to consult this information with my mother before any decisions were finalized.  Doctor then very politely interjected and said that we DO NOT have time to wait and we need to have the surgery right away because if I opt to deliver her vaginally she was most likely not going to survive!!  WHAT!?  I needed my mother here now MORE then ever before.  I finally got some logic to call Dave and have him get ahold of mom ASAP.  In the meantime I signed the consent forms for the go ahead of the surgery and immediately they started the preparations.  The scary anticipation that most likely my daughter would be brought into life by midnight settled upon me and all I knew was everything was moving too quickly and I wanted time to stop in its tracks!!  Finally, my mother contacted the hospital and her call was directed to my room and was handed to me while I was in the middle of a contraction so I handed the phone to one of the nurses to explain what was happening and that she needed to head to the hospital right away.  A little relief set in at this point knowing that I would not be alone in the delivery and the one person I wanted to be there for this once of a lifetime experience was going to make it in time to show her love and support.  Something I needed so much of at this time.  The nurses did the best they could with encouraging words and staying optimistic but it is just not the same as having your best friend by your side.

While being transferred to the surgery room they had me drink what seemed to be the most toxic drink of my lifetime and I was told it was to settle the acids in my stomach from what I ate for dinner which was jalapeno bread and tomatoes, BIG MISTAKE ON DELIVERY DAY!  Once being placed upon the surgery table I was introduced to the anesthesiologist who would be performing my epidural for surgery.  In my nervous state I mentioned to him (1.) Please DO NOT paralyze me I need to be able to walk again for work (2.) If my shoulders need to stay relaxed DO NOT administer the needle while I am in a contraction!!  These things he obviously already knew but it gave me some comfort in reminding him out loud.  Once he finished I could slowly feel my lower half descending into a deep sleep and Dr. Sypniewski pinched my abdomen really hard and in several different spots to make sure no pain was felt.  The C-Section then began and my mother still had not arrived I had lost track of time and my hope was starting to dwindle that she would make it in time for Bella's arrival.  I felt intense pressure at all times and periodically it felt as though my ribs were going to be broken.  This intense pressure was due to how low her head was in my pelvis but I continued to stay strong for my baby!

Two blessings occurred almost simultaneously my mother arrived dressed in her best head-to-toe surgical gear as the doctor was lifting my daughter from her home during these past 9 months!!  Even though I could not hold my daughter right away I knew by her near distant cries that she was alive and thriving!!  A moment etched on my heart forever.  My mother came near me to make sure I was okay and we exchanged a few words and then she left my side to go and bring my baby girl over so I could look at her for the first surreal a moment.  While I was being stitched up and waiting to be moved to the recovery room were I would receive my first chance to hold my daughter she was in the other corner of the room passing all her tests with flying colors!  Once settled into the recovery room were I would stay for the next hour or more until I could start feeling my legs again I got to breastfeed Bella, she is a natural, and she also received her first bath!  Tears stream down my face while typing much of this story because nothing can prepare you for the intense emotions you feel for somebody so tiny and fragile.  Very blessed to have a healthy and strong baby girl...a mother's GREATEST gift unlike any other <3

This is where one chapter ends and a new one begins...looking forward to the journey ahead...I love you Bella Annelyse Sugg!

P.S.  I was listening to 'Baby Mine' by Allison Krauss on repeat while typing much of her story.  Listen here its BEAUTIFUL!

P.S.S.  Going to try an update this blog as much as possible with stories and pictures of Baby Bella, of course! :0)  Current knitting projects on my needles, new recipes I try and like...YUM YUM, and any crafty projects I endeavor on...SO PLEASE COME BACK AND VISIT AND FEEL FREE TO LEAVE ME A COMMENT...I WILL BE SURE TO READ THEM ALL!!