Saturday, October 15, 2011

cozy weekend inside.

Our 'Indian' summer has finally come to an end and the start of a very wet, windy and cold fall has set in  Friday morning.

This weekend Miss Bella and I are planning on catching up on some much needed rest because she is battling her first and hopefully last yeast infection...POOR BABY :0(  I now have her on some medicated ointment and also sprinkling her tiny bum with 100% corn starch to dry out the wetness and already I am seeing some positive results!!  She was ALL smiles this morning when she awoke and this was a cannot imagine how happy that made this mama :0) :0) :0)  Our most common awakenings happened with a ear-piercing cry for such an early hour prolly from the discomfort of an itchy and slight burning sensation from the yeast.  Happy to almost be on the other side of this infection and now I am well aware of the signs of yeast and if it ever occurs again I will be on top of it quickly...thanks to grannie and her medical inquisition of Bella's symptoms.

Now off to spend the afternoon drinking hot tea, knitting, researching health plans, and of course napping!

What is everyone else doing this weekend??

Jamie Leigh.

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