Saturday, August 27, 2011

life of a single mother.

As I watch my daughter breastfeed and fill her tummy with my nutritious milk at this early hour I cannot help BUT ponder the beginning days of my life as a single mother.  Since giving birth to Bella Annelyse I have taken motherhood on FULL FORCE!!  Some days are trying when my energy levels are low and she is fussy and nothing seems to calm her.  Nights can become lonely and I can let my thoughts get the best of me.  These down times instantly disappear when I watch her sleep in peace and know that she is safe in my arms, safe at my breast, and safe in her home. <3 

Never did I think I would be raising a daughter ALONE, it is a 24-7 job and hard work BUT I do it for her.  She deserves the very best.  I stay strong for her.  I do ungodly amounts of laundry for her.  I go days without a shower for her.  Instead of resting when she is napping I am busy cleaning, cooking, or doing necessary paperwork for her.  I wake up countless times each night to make sure she is content and I put ALL my love and energy into creating a BEAUTIFUL life for my baby girl!!

She has a few visitors coming to see her this week :0)  Sue and Kelsey Maxwell and Laurie Rowe <3  Thanks for wanting to love on my baby girl and giving me a lovely well-needed break!! 

My eyes are growing heavy and she is finally fast asleep.  Going to catch a few zzz's before I am up again for another nightly feeding.  Have a goodnight.  Sweet Dreams.  I love you lil Peanut.

Jamie Leigh. 

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