Thursday, August 25, 2011

the NEVERENDING project.

Good Evening Folks!!

TODAY has been a blessed day with getting things crossed off my TO-DO list!!  Having an demanding infant these days can make it difficult to fit a 5 minute shower into her schedule.  Very much looking forward to the day I have a consistent schedule with Bella so I will be able to plan my days accordingly :0)

On a whole different note...I am continually knitting on this infinity cowl and daily discovering its NEVER ENDING qualities!!  This has been in progress for a year now...and ONLY a lil over half-way completed :0/  I am losing heart.  I know the finished product will be absolutely stunning BUT the journey there is so dang tedious.  I need to persevere and work diligently to finish this up while I am on maternity leave...good thing I have a good eater because when I am breastfeeding her is the only time in my day I get to knit!

Off for a walk now to Family Video.  Movie night for Miss Bella and I :0) 

Jamie Leigh.

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